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Welcome to Geek [Supplies], where geeks help geeks find cool stuff to buy for geek host Sara’s birthday next month!


Double tanks

You guys, double tanks are the awesomest. Versatile and functional, you can wear them as cosplay for any of the BSG/Pegasus pilots or you can just wear them around while you’re pulling weeds or picking your kids up from their flute lessons (music education is just as important as geek education!). While you’re over there, check out the rest of the Anovos shop at Amazon. They have really amazing gear and their products are also eligible for Amazon Prime shipping!

Starbuck Tattoo

If Starbuck is your pilot-of-choice for BSG cosplay, you will need this temporary tattoo from Pop Geek Tattoos on Etsy. I may or may not have filed away several of the other tattoos from their shop as inspiration for real tattoos I want to get down the line.

White Bath Towel

Or you can always dress as Apollo from Final Cut (S02E08). Amazon has some luxurious towels for this purpose. So say we all, indeed.

Apollo Towel


Starbuck Shirt

Sooooo, my birthday is coming up and I wear a medium women’s shirt…in case you want to get me a gorgeous bleached tee with this Starbuck design (or any of the other awesome geeky designs in the CustomBleachTees Etsy shop).


Nugget Onesie

I don’t have kids, but if I did, I would totally get them this Viper Nugget Onesie from Amazon. It has the always useful snap closure at the bottom, for when your little nugget makes some nuggets in her diapers.


Raider Plushie

I bet you could totally use this Cylon Raider Plush from Amazon as a neck pillow.


Frak Mug

Maybe some red wine instead of coffee in your Frak Mug from Amazon will make your next 9AM meeting a little more tolerable. Unless it gets you fired, in which case don’t blame me. You’re the one who violated company policy by consuming alcohol during work hours. Maybe you should save the drinky-poos for going home and playing the Educating [Geeks] drinking games.


Centurion pasties

Like I said, my birthday is coming up and these old school Cylon pasties from Etsy are preeeeety awesome. I wonder if I could trick them out with the device from one of those record-your-own-greeting cards. I would use it to play some of these old school Cylon sound effects I found. The “leave no survivors” clip would be my first choice, but I could also be talked into using “It is done, Imperious Leader.” OH MY GODS, DID I JUST INVENT TALKING NIPPLE PASTIES?

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