Geek [Supplies] – Phoenix Comicon 2015

Welcome to Geek [Supplies] where we help find you all the things you need to not only survive Phoenix Comicon, but to conquer Phoenix Comicon.

Be sure to check out suggestions for last year’s con in addition to these fun finds!


I can’t remember exactly which year the convention stopped providing lanyards for badges, but I do know that I do not want to pin the badge to any of my clothing. Plus, I’m HIGHLY likely to forget it on my previous outfit.

Tip: Hit the vendor hall after getting your badgelots of local vendors carry lanyards. If chainmail is your thing, visit Heather at booth 8119 for a handmade chainmail lanyard from Felicia’s Fine Crafts.

Get yourself a geek inspired lanyard from Colorful Geekiness or AshleyandElizabeth on Etsy (click on the product pictures to buy everything we’ve recommended below):



doc lanyard



We covered this last year, but I cannot express how important it is to stay hydrated in the late May-early June Phoenix weather. Bringing a water bottle is a great way to be friendly to the environment and your wallet. A bottle of water can easily set you back $3-6 and 10-30 minutes in line. This Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle water bottle is a great accessory at con.

TMNT Waterbottle

But… I will never turn down a good flask for some fun times.

SW Flask

HP Flask


Respect Your Feet, Yo

I recently suffered a great, personal loss of one of my feet. Never fear, it’s not a permanent loss. But I have endured many weeks (and I do mean 8-10 weeks) of the loss of one of my feet due to a personal injury. What happened? Oh, just ninjas – NBD. So, unless you are like me and have a super awesome scooter to coast around on (seriously, if you see me, I am totally down for high fives!), you are going to be walking, standing, and pacing. A lot. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes.

Here is a fun DIY guide if you want to geek-up an existing kicks:


Comic Shoes

Or, these awesome Etsy stores make some fun options:

Bat Shoes


But whatever manner you choose to go, be sure to respect your feet. They will thank you later. Or they will make you want to soak your feet in a tub of deliciously hot water for days.


We mentioned that there will be waiting and lines involved in this occasion. If you choose to stay in a nearby hotel, there will also be plenty of friendly, con-going geeks to game with. Keeping quick, fun games in your bag or hotel room can help pass time or make new friends! Zombie Dice, Angry Bird Uno and The Resistence are a few of my favorites:

Zombie Dice



Resistance Cards



Besides these super geek finds, be sure to come check out the various panels that Educating [Geeks] are putting on this year! At our live podcast recordings, Jurassic Park, American Horror Story, and Xena – Season 1, we even have a give away pack with fun stuff from some of our favorite people!