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Welcome to Geek [Supplies] — Where friends help friends escape certain death, outfit each other with high-tech survival equipment, possibly betray each other, and are ultimately released into an unfamiliar and likely hostile world. Or, y’know, something along those lines.



This cake is stuck in an endless portal loop between your mouth and stomach, so you CAN have your cake and eat it, too!


Even after you betray and murder your companion cube you can still pay homage to it. Via tshirt.






Need a mug for the office that is subtle yet geeky? Something Cheryl or whoever won’t ask a ton of awkward questions about? We got you.


The mugs featured in Portal 2 were pretty stellar, but this throwback to the first Portal game is iconic.


We briefly discussed this lego set during the podcast, and oh my god it’s still on Amazon GET IT NOW. Get it for ME.




The perfect utilitarian pouch for Aperture scientists who are married to science and just want to test. All day. Every day. For the rest of eternity.


Never be without your beloved companion cube, just carry this tote…and never run out of places to store your secret stash of beans.


With this charm evading certain death can be a…piece of cake.


When they finally figure out how to make a miniaturized portal gun work, I want to be ready.


Is Wheatley a little bastard? Yes. Should you enact revenge on him by dangling him from your keys and forcing him to live in your pocket? Yes.



You can’t escape homicidal AI’s naked (probably), so why not cozy up to you imminent death in an Aperture Science jumpsuit.


No outfit would be complete without long fall boots, or in this case long fall socks. They’re much easier to incinerate.

We found so many great Portal geek supplies, we couldn’t include them all here. Visit our Portal Pinterest board for more great finds!

Educating [Geeks] podcast for Portal and Portal 2.

E[G] Drinking Game rules for  Portal and Portal 2 will post this Friday (4/2/2016).

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