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Welcome to Geek [Supplies] where we help find you all the things you need to feed your current geek obsession. Whether you’re a new Return of the Jedi fan or able to quote the movie line by line, we’ve found plenty of awesome stuff to make you happy.

Wear It!

Ewok Beanie Scarf

Oh my god how adorable is this Ewok Beanie scarf? Etsy shopowner AChainofEvents has stolen my heart with this piece. The adult and toddler versions are both complete perfection. I must have this in my life. Check out the shop and if you’re a Pokemon fan, you’ll love the other offerings in her shop, so check it out.

Endor TShirt

Speaking of Ewoks, this Endor t-shirt speaks to my soul. I think it’s because of that happy tree in the front. It makes me think that maybe Bob Ross painted this image and then put it on a shirt just for me.

death star maxi dress


I love this maxi dress featuring the second Death Star. I don’t have anything particularly poetic to say about it. I just like it, okay?

rebel sequin top


This sequin rebel t-shirt is hands down one of my favorite offerings from Her Universe. Grab yours today and make me feel totally jealous.

Accessorize it!

bowling bag purses

These bowling bag style purses from Think Geek are super awesome. I’ll take the R2-D2 one thanks.

3PO Hat Pin

This C3-PO hat pin looks like the perfect accessory for your Fez-O-Rama Fez or really anything you need to stick a pin in. Grab this cutie from Etsy shopowner HighlyMedicated, where you can find a bunch more Star Wars themed hat pins.

Spruce Up the Ol’ Treehouse

Return Poster

I need this super classy Return of the Jedi poster on my wall. Yesterday. And so do you.

Ewok Pillow

I’ve always thought that Ewoks seemed like excellent snuggle buddies. Etsy shopowner telahmarie has finally given me an Ework I can curl up next to. Visit her shpw where you can get this Wicket pillow, and plenty of other geek inspired friends you can cuddle with.

Drink it up!

death star ice

Put your favorite drink on ice with these awesome Death Star ice spheres.

R2D2 Coozy

If you prefer your drinks from a can, you can keep ’em cool with your own astromec buddy coozy. Slip on one of these bad boys and you’ll never have to worry about the Tatooine heat ruining your favorite soda.


Educating Geeks podcast for Return of the Jedi.  Internal link to podcast

E[G] Drinking Game rules for Return of the Jedi will post this Friday (9/19/2014).

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