Geek [Supplies] – Star Trek: The Original Series Part 2

Welcome to Geek [Supplies] — where we boldy dive into the world of Star Trek merchandising. And let me tell you, it’s a sea of never-ending awesomeness. So set your engines to warp factor 4 and I’ll show you some of my favorite Star Trek The Original Series finds from the space beyond the galaxy.

Play it


If you’re anything like me, you’ve got a collection of playing cards. I’ve got Diddl cards, Star Wars cards, several decks of standard cards, really I’ve got too many playing cards. But for some reason I keep buying them. So, of course, I will be adding these charming TOS playing cards to my already outrageous collection. A gal needs her vices, okay?



Catan is one of my favorite board games. I already own the original. Plus an expansion. I do not own Star Trek Catan….but I should. I totally, totally should.

Wear it


This might sound a little strange, but one of my favorite things about Etsy is the seemingly endless supply of beautiful geek-inspired aprons. I mean, they’re everywhere. And they’re all incredibly beautiful. The designers create such detailed pieces and you can really tell they put a lot of love into every stitch. Case in point, this Red Shirt Apron from Etsy artist PandorasProductions.  I am highly tempted to just start stocking up on these beauties and exclusively cosplay in these incredible aprons.


Screenshot 2015-01-06 at 21.08.06

Buying myself a new hoodie has become an annual winter tradition. This year, I’m totally going to splurge on this adorable Live Long and Prosper hoodie from Her Universe. I’m not sure what I like more, the Spock blue they used in the design, the vulcan zipper pull, or the adorable way the zipper divides the fingers to create the ubiquitous hand signal. Bonus: it’s currently listed for half price, so snatch one up before they’re all gone.


I love class rings. I wear the ring I earned from my alma mater every day (we won’t discuss that I now work for the rival school). I can guarantee you if I was a graduate from Starfleet Academy they’d have to pry this ring off my cold dead finger.

Display it


I have a dangerous relationship with office and organizational supplies. Did you ever see that episode of 30 Rock where Liz discovers that organizing her sex life is a huge turnon? And then she and Chris go to Staples and things get a little adult? Well, let’s just say that when I laugh at that episode, it comes from a very personal place…Anyway, it’s the new year and that gives me an excuse to buy another new calendar thing. And really, who doesn’t need a Star Trek wall calendar?


These bookends speak for themselves. They’re beautiful. Go get them.



I firmly believe that ever Star Trek fan needs to have a Tribble (unless you’re a Klingon). But be careful, you can’t just have one.

BONUS: The awesome people at ThinkGeek sent us a link to Coupons and Deals you can use on the Starfleet Class Ring, Bookends, Tribble and more. Just click here to claim your coupon or discount:

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