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Welcome to Geek [Supplies] where friends and enemies lob each other’s heads off with swords. We’ve got a great T-shirt for expecting mothers, some nursery decorations and DVDs to help you pass the time on those sleepless nights.

The Only T-Shirt That Matters

The only t-shirt that matters

Did you laugh? I laughed so hard. Perhaps that’s because I am the mother of an only child, but still…FUNNY! The shirt can be found at the Etsy store Bump Covers. In addition to this really clever one, the husband and wife team has many other options.


Highlander Swords

Norm assures me that is THE place to purchase Highlander replica swords whether from the movie or the TV series. Well worth the price. The one on the left is the sword that McCloud inherits from Ramirez and on the right is the Kurgan’s sword. Below is a picture of Norm’s personal collection.


The TOP sword: the Dragon Head Katana is Duncan’s – given to him by Master Hideo Koto in Japan 1778. The Bottom Sword: The Lion Head Katana is Connor’s – passed to him by Juan Sanchez Villa Lobos Ramirez after being defeated by The Kurgan in 1542. The sword was created by the legendary Japanese swordsmith Masamune. It was one of a kind (like his daughter).



Spanish Peacocks

The Spanish Peacock

Duncan McCloud famously calls Juan Sanchez Villa-Lobos Ramirez a Spanish Peacock in the film. I’ve found two options for you if you thought to yourself: “I’m a Spanish Peacock, too.” One the left a more subtle option easily obtained on Amazon. On the right is a truly flamboyant option available at DaNeeNa‘s shop on Etsy.



The geek host found this line from the Director’s Cut of the movie particularly charming. I like this simple print created by Patricia Pino and available in her Etsy store. I think it would be a great addition to any room — maybe even the nursery.

TV Series


Enjoyed the movie? Need more? Please check out the TV series. 6 Seasons to keep you busy for awhile. As Norm mentions in the Educating [Geeks] Podcast, they have more time in the TV series to build the world, mythology and relationships. If the idea behind the film intrigues you at all you should drive into the TV series.



Devon found this unique item for those who admire the male physique. See you at Squeefest 2016. 😉

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Educating [Geeks] podcast for Highlander

E[G] Drinking Game rules for Highlander will post this Friday (3/18/2016).

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