E[G] Drinking Game S4 E04 – Highlander (The Movie)

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the classic 1980s action movie “Highlander,” the geek hosts have created a drinking game. We’ve got drinks, shots and waterfalls galore. There can be only one and this is the one!

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Highlander Drining Game Rules

Take a drink…

  • every time you hear Conner McCloud go “Eh eh eh” (listen to the podcast for Norm’s impersonation)
  • every time someone calls out “McCould” as a cheer or exclamation
  • when light falls across McCloud’s eyes in a dramatic way
  • every time a rule of the game is given
  • every time someone’s chapped lips are in close up onscreen
  • every time Lord Basset stabs McCloud in the duel
  • every time you hear the phrase “don’t loose your head”
  • every time someone says “there can be only one”

Take a shot…

  • for every seamless transition to a flashback
  • when they drink the “boom boom”
  • every time someone is decapitated
  • if you say the phrase “there can be only one” incorrectly


  • for the entire time the Aman Fazil (the Polish guy) is doing back flips in the parking garage
  • for the duration of a quickening
  • when McCloud delivers the line “I am Conner McCloud of the McCloud clan and I was born…”
  • for the duration of Ramirez’s speech explaining immortality (listen to the podcast for Norm’s impersonation)

(Listen to the podcast for two, yes you heard right two, more waterfalls)

Empty your glass…

  • every time a woman gives a blood curdling scream

Andrea’s Highlander Mini Game

This game takes place during the scene in the church when the Krugan and McCloud meet. As the camera pans to the Krugan’s face for a closeup, pause the playback and darken the screen. Everyone has to guess how many safety pins are in the Krugan’s neck. The person whose guess is the closest gets to dole out shots to whomever they feel most deserving of punishment.

Higlander Featured Beer:

Highlander Devil’s Hump Red Ale

Highlander beer

Highlander Signal Malt Scotch:

Glenmorangie 18 Years Extremely Rare


Official Highlander Toast

There can be only one!

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