Geek [Supplies] – Jessica Jones

In this edition of Geek [Supplies] it’s time to make a decision – keep denying the awesome Jessica Jones goodies we’ve found, or do something about it. We really hope you’ll do something about it because some of this stuff is just too fun to pass up. Click the “Engage” button to see what we’ve been spying on.

Alias Investigations


Jessica Jones Mug 2

If you’re starting your own business as a private investigator, you’re going to need a lot of coffee for those long nights. I recommend this Alias Investigations mug for daily use. Only resort to IV drip when necessary.

Alias Investigations Shirt

Every good P.I. knows how to advertise. Make sure you show camaraderie with this Alias Investigations t-shirt.

Day Drinking Wall Art

Don’t forget the office decor. This beautiful piece isn’t just decorative, it’s also functional.

Killgrave Made Me Do It


Killgrave TShirt

As we discussed in the podcast, Killgrave is just about the evileest villain we’ve ever seen. Tell the world you’re under his control with this great t-shirt.

Killgrave Mug Killgrave Flask

Whether your vice is coffee or something a little harder, it’s all Killgrave’s fault.

Killgrave Poster

Or, if you have a little extra wall space, you could go with this striking print, which can also be functional for your P.I. clients.

Show Your Friends Some *coughlovecough*

Luke's TShirt

Make sure your clients know where to find you when you’re not in your office by sporting this Luke’s t-shirt.

Trish Walker Hero Shirt

Trish is my hero. She’s probably your hero too. And honestly, who doesn’t need a friend like Trish in their corner? Show her how awesome she is with this pretty purple T.

Take Good Notes


Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 12.20.59 PM

Last but not least, if you’re going to be a PI, make sure you’ve got the tools you need to collect all the dirt on your targets. This notebook features geek host Sara’s favorite line from the show, and it should give you plenty of motivation to keep moving forward with your toughest cases.

We found even more great Jessica Jones geek supplies for you! Please visit our Pinterest board for more!

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