E[G] Drinking Game S2 E20 – Journey

Last week on Educating [Geeks] I introduced Alice, Andrea and special guest Jonathan from Lightning Octopus to thatgamecompany’s game Journey. We wanted to bring you our weekly drinking game rules podcast, but sadly we lost the audio file. But we still created a drinking game, so here it is in text form!

The Rules

Take a drink…

  • Every time you have scarf envy
  • To toast the other player when you meet someone in the game
  • To toast yourself when you make it to the next level
  • Whenever you’re super happy in the final level
  • For each mural you uncover
  • Every time you imagine your companion face-palming
  • Every time you find a glyph
  • Every time you misjudge how far/high you can leap

Take a shot…

  • Take a shot if you think you’re going to die
  • If your companion is being less than helpful
  • When you collapse on the mountain
  • If you find the Flower easter egg
  • If you find the Flow easter egg
  • If you earn a white cloak

Make your friends drink if…

  • They give you advice IRL while you’re playing


  • When your scarf regenerates

Signature Alcohol

  • A nice glass of red wine
  • Or a nice soothing cup of chrysanthemum tea

Signature Cocktail

  • A cooling glass of sangria


  • Chirp in harmony with your friends



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