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Jurassic Park might be one of the most merchandized movies out there so there’s no shortage of great JP-themed gear floating around on the Internet. In this edition of Geek [Supplies], I’ve found some of the must-have official gear, some fantastic hand-made items from etsy, a punny coffee mug, and one of the best movie prop replicas I’ve ever seen. Check it out!

Make it Official


Read the novel that started it all, because it’s really, really good and I think you’ll like it. And if you haven’t read any of Michael Crichton’s other books, I highly recommend them as well.



I know we’re talking Jurassic Park here, but I honestly really enjoyed The Lost World (more than the movie). So if you read Jurassic Park and just haven’t had enough, this is worth the read.



As a giant film nerd and someone who enjoys spending her spare time on independent movie sets, I’m dying to give The Making of Jurassic Park a read. I love behind-the-scenes stories and one that covers one of my all-time favorite movies has got to be good.



We’ve spoken at length about how awesome we think John Williams is. This is honestly my favorite movie score that he’s done. So turn it on, crank it up, and let the fantastic Jurassic Park’s soundtrack fill your senses. And if you happen to pull out your trumpet (Bri) or flute (me) to play along we won’t judge.


Hang it on Your Wall


What’s better than one of the best lines from Jurassic Park? One of the best lines from Jurassic Park celebrated in beautiful pastel dinosaur glory. Pick up this print from TinySketchBook’s etsy shop.



StitchBucket has this amazing cross stitch pattern on their etsy shop. They get extra love points from me because they included the often omitted “uh” in this line and really, it’s not the same without it.



This Ian Malcolm Chaos shirt from YipTees speaks for itself.



AbsintheArts has a lot of beautiful geek inspired jewelery on their etsy page. This T-Rex necklace manages to be rugged and elegant at the same time.

Have a Cuppa


My coffee mug collection is already out of control, but I’m not really sure how I’m supposed to resist this Tea Rex coffee mug from TheMugEmporium. I mean, it’s the mug that keeps on giving. It’s got a great pun! And the T-Rex is wearing a top hat! And it’s pouring itself a cup of tea! From a proper tea pot!

Replicate It


This Barbasol shaving cream canister replica is quite impressive. GSZstore really went above and beyond when they created this fully-functioning prop. They even included the vials¬†of embryos so you can run around feeling extra sneaky. If you’re a collector of quality movie replicas, or just need that perfect prop to finish off your Dennis Nedry cosplay, you should definitely pick this up.

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