Meet Geek Host Krissy


Krissy is a confirmed Pop Culture Geek and Super Fan, right down to the Star Wars and Tim Burton tattoos. Krissy is the Director of National Comedy Theatre, an Improviser, a teacher of Improv and a Mom. Krissy hosts & performs weekly in Competitive Comedy Shows, coaches & administrates the High School Improv League, she teaches the Main Stage performers as well as the Level 1, 2 & 3 Workshop Classes. She hosts, produces and performs in Spoof N Cinema, weird old movies given new, hilarious sound tracks, she curates & hosts the First Time Film Club, and hosts segments on Channel 3’s Your Life A to Z as Pop Culture Krissy, Guru of Geekery. Krissy is the regular geek host for the First Time [Film] Club podcast.

Signature Drink:  if she’s being fancy its Kettle One & Soda. If she’s being honest, its Michelob Ultra on ice. SHAME!

5 Things she geeks out about:

Star Wars
Docotor Who
Comedy & Improv
Tim Burton
Nerdist Industries

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