E[G] Drinking Game S4 E08 – Labyrinth

This week’s Educating [Geeks] podcast is a live Phoenix Comicon recording! Geekhosts Bri, Diana, Cassie, and Krissy provide their drinking game rules…and the crowd at Comicon pitches in!

Last week’s post feeds directly into the drinking game, so if you haven’t listened to our Labyrinth podcast yet: hop to it!

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Labyrinth Drinking Game Rules

Take a sip when…

  • Jareth changes outfits.
  • Ludo calls rocks.
  • You mess up the lyrics.


Take a drink…

  • When someone says “It’s not fair!”
  • When something that shouldn’t look like a face, looks like a face.
  • When Sarah goes the wrong way.
  • Nose goes when you see a clock, whoever loses say “it’s not fair!” and drinks.
  • Jareth intervenes to foil Sarah.
  • Jareth says “What a pity.”
  • Upside-down during the Escher staircase scene.
  • When a new character is introduced.
  • When Sir Didymus is being brave.


Take a shot…

  • Of cake flavored vodka when someone says something is a “Piece of cake.”
  • When you see the bulge. (Audience member Luke won our swag bag by suggesting this rule!)
  • When they say Hoggle’s name wrong.
  • When you want to kick Hoggle.


Waterfall your drink…

  • During the Magic Dance scene whenever Jareth is singing.
  • Throughout the ballroom scene (peach schnapps preferred).
  • While Jareth single-handed juggles those balls (it isn’t as dirty as it sounds).


Empty your glass when…

  • The Fiery scene happens (to deal with the trauma).
  • You can’t figure out the door riddle.
  • A major obstacle is overcome.

Labyrinth Signature Alcohol: Samuel Adams 13th Hour Stout

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Labyrinth Signature Cocktail: DAMN ME TOO

  • 2oz  peach puree or nectar
  • 2oz whiskey
  • (to taste) blood orange soda

Pour peach puree and whiskey in glass, swirl, add ice and blood orange soda to taste. It’s like a trashy old fashioned!


Labyrinth Official Toast



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