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Welcome to Geek [Supplies] where we know we only have 13 hours in which to solve the Labyrinth before Toby becomes a goblin… forever! Join us in this special 30th Anniversary edition Labyrinth Geek [Supplies] where we try to bring you the best of what’s to be had, so you can add it to your collection!


The really good thing about a cult classic film, such as Labyrinth, is that you can always find really unique stuff on the Internet associated with it. I have quite the collection of things, specifically shirts that I’ve bought from TeeFury that are unfortunately no longer available, but always keep your yes peeled for future ones!

I have found that Hot Topic has actually been selling some Labyrinth-themed clothes, and RedBubble has some fantastic designs as well. And there’s always Amazon for your basic shirt needs as well.

hot topic tank

should you need us


lootcrate shirt

Items from top to bottom:

  1. Labyrinth Dance Girls Sublimation Girls Tank Top
  2. Old Friends (Warm Tones)
  3. Labyrinth Movie Ludo Friend Adult Heather T-Shirt Tee
  4. Loot Crate QUEST special edition Labyrinth shirt (on eBay … Hurry and bid!)


GLITTER AND GOLD! (Just kidding, it’s just jewelry!)

doorknockers earrings

bracelet etsy

oracle ring

These items are so great! Very creative and one of a kind. I especially like the ring because though it doesn’t have Labyrinth “theme,” it sure looks reminiscent of the infamous crystal balls that Jareth would juggle.

From top to bottom:

  1. Doorknocker Earrings (custom order by shop owner)
  2. It’s only forever…Not long at all- Hand stamped cuff
  3. The Oracle ring



Return to Labyrinth


box set


So I have to admit that I do have all four volumes of the Return to the Labyrinth graphic novels, but have not yet read them. I also own the three comics and the Jim Henson Novel slip-case box set  by A.C.H. Smith. I’ve noticed the prices have, unfortunately, increased dramatically since the loss of our beloved David Bowie, Jareth the Goblin King. Those are pretty priceless items, and I’m grateful I got them at a time when the price wasn’t more than $30! There is a Labyrinth Artist Tribute hardcover that will be released in the Fall this year. I’m looking forward to that!


Jareth eBay



ludo felt

Another item that has peeked in price are the Jareth figures/dolls on eBay. The pair of Doorknockers from MeadowhawkProps shop on Etsy is easily one of my favorites!! They are so well done, and big enough to use on an actual door. Then there’s Ludo… Who didn’t love that monster? I personally have the Ludo plush from Amazon, but I really liked the one above, from ImmortalPomegranate’s Etsy shop.



Labyrinth by Chrissie Zullo

I absolutely adore the Sarah and Jareth watercolor from TentaKittyInk’s Etsy shop. It has beautiful colors, and it’s simple and beautiful. I do actually own the second piece of art, Labyrinth by Chrissie Zullo. It was a birthday gift two years ago from my sister and brother-in-law, and hangs on the wall with the rest of my art collection.

We found more great Labyrinth geek supplies for you! Please visit our Pinterest board for more!

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