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Welcome to The Post-Apocalyptic Emporium where we can fill all of your leather, feather and spike needs. Helmets, shoulder gear, or perhaps something to cover your butt (or not). We’ve got art prints to decorate your compound or even some tools to show off your parenting skill. Come inside and check it all out. 



If you’re going to hang with the Toecutter’s gang you are going to need the appropriate headgear. Add these sick-on spikes by WarhawkCustoms to your helmet and you’ll be rocking the right look to fit in.  Check out his store on Etsy to find a number of options.


If you’re going to run with The Humungus on the other hand, you might need to step it up a notch and add feathers and horns. The fabulous headgear above was created by FirebirdLeather and can be found at her store on Etsy.

Shoulder Gear

There are so many amazing spike- or feather-covered leather shoulder pads available on Etsy that it was really hard to choose which ones to feature here. Seriously, just do a search.

Mad Max Should Gear (1)

Pictured above are the wonderful examples I choose to share:

Butt Gear


Was Wex Butt-cheeks Mohawk Archibald the Third your favorite character? If you really need a pair of chaps I suggest these shorts, ’cause you know desert. They are available on Etsy in BespokeTailoredLeath‘s store. You will find a plethora of other interesting Mad Max appropriate gear as well. 

Art Prints for Your Compound

These art prints covering the entire Mad Max series are by ChungKong and can be found on Soceity6.

Tools To Rule The World


As Krissy points out in the podcast, there are ways to get around that don’t require guzzeline. The stowabike on the left not only has dual suspension but folds up to fit in the back of your V-8 Interceptor. Can’t you see the Feral Kid gliding down the freeways of the post-apocalyptic landscape on the skateboard on the right?

Parenting Skills



A good parent would make sure they are equipped with emergency gear for a long road trip in the V-8 interceptor.


A bad parent was really looking forward to buying their kid one of these vehicles from ThinkGeek, so they could join in doing donuts outside the compound—too bad they were just an April Fool’s prank.


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