Meet Geek Host Alice


Alice Baker is a frustrated creative soul by night and a super busy data manager by day.  Her greekiness started many years ago when her father put her to bed at night with the fantastical words of J.R.R. Tolkien. As she grew up, her love of the worlds of science fiction and fantasy also grew expanding to include comic books, D&D, video games and other realms where the stories are epic and the worlds amazing. Today she escapes to those worlds as often as she can and attempts to take muggles with her whenever possible. Alice is the voice of Educating [Geeks] on Facebook.

Signature Drink: Single malt scotch from the Islay region with a little ice.

Alice geeks out about
Star Trek
Science Fiction Novels
Tabletop Gaming
Doctor Who
Graphic Novels
Battlestar Galactica


Some Movies That Remind Alice of High School

Books Alice Has Read More Than Once (a rare occurrence)