Meet Geek Host Megan


Megan Calcote is an event planner at Arizona State University and an independent film producer in Phoenix. Originally from Tucson, Megan traveled the globe with her sister, mother and father who was an active duty officer in the United States Air Force. Megan grew up playing video games on her Sega consoles (master system and genesis), her Nintendo 64 and PlayStations 1-4.  A lover of science-fiction, Megan grew up reading Arthur C. Clarke, watching Star Trek and Stargate in TV and film, and loves the Alien franchise. Megan also enjoys reading comic books, especially Marvel comics and stories focusing on Wolverine (link to Wolverine podcast). She has also read everything written by The Luna Brothers. In her spare time, Megan enjoys being at home with her husband and pets, cooking, and visiting with her friends from Educating [Geeks] and the local independent film community.

Signature Drink: Whiskey on the rocks.

Megan goes geeky for
Star Trek
Star Wars
Stargate SG-1
Marvel Comics
Battlestar Galactica (and beets and bears)
Doctor Who

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