Meet Guest Host Char

Charlynn Schmiedt currently lives in the most liberal city in North Dakota, Fargo, and currently works as a graphic designer. She is happily married to her best friend, Patrick, and they are servants to a cat named Teddy. She’s a caffeine junkie and is attracted to weird shit, crude humor, warm weather and tech toys. Charlynn spends her free time as the managing editor at She co-hosts To the Journey, a Star Trek: Voyager podcast, with Tristan Riddell on

Charlynn doesn’t really like talking in the third person, but that’s how these things work.

Listen to Char on our 12 Monkeys Podcast and Drinking Game

Char’s Signature Drink: by day, coffee; by night, a lemon drop martini.

Charlynn geeks out about:

  • All incarnations of Star Trek
  • Babylon 5
  • Nine Inch Nails
  • Cats
  • Hockey (go Avs!)

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