Meet Guest Host Nick

Guest geek host Nick Blumberg is a journalist, a Sun Devil, and the co-parent of a mentally unhinged Corgi mix. Raised by his dad on a steady and diverse diet of all things geek and a proud geek to this day, he also loves art, music, and nonfiction.

Shameless geek interests:
  • Star Trek (Voyager, DS9, TNG, TOS, the old and new movies — okay, basically everything except f*cking Enterprise)
  • Star Wars (owns a replica Revenge of the Jedi poster — Google it)
  • Batman (faves: the really dark, sans-Robin Detective Comics in 70s, The Long Halloween, Year One, the Dark Knight Return & DK2, that time they shot Commissioner Gordon, the Nolans, and also the Clooney Batman when it’s on TV and there’s alcohol involved)
  • James Bond movies
  • 60s & 70s Marvel Comics (think Jim Steranko drawing Nick Fury & Barry Windsor Smith drawing Conan)
  • Sherlock Holmes in all his many forms, but especially the form that looks like Benedict Cumberbatch
His woefully underused twitter account (his words not ours): @ndblumberg