Meet Guest Host Norman

Norm’s life experience has been so eloquently represented and expressed by this, his all-time favorite lyric of my all-time favorite RUSH song “Limelight”: All the World’s indeed a Stage / And we are merely players / Performers and Portraters / Each another’s audience / Outside the Gilded Cage.

Norm joined us for a discussion of Dune by Frank Herbert and Highlander (1980s Movie)

Signature drink: A neat dram of Ardbeg Uigeadail (that is actually what he is drinking in his pic)

Norm’s top 5 Geek Things (non Star Trek related):

  • Babylon 5 (B5, Crusade, Lost Tales)
  • Highlander (both the movies AND the Series – serious Adrian Paul man crush – check out Norm’s Facebook group for the fandom)
  • James Bond
  • Rush – the Canadian ROCK Triumvirate – He counts that as GEEK because of 2112 and pretty much all of the sci-fi elements in Neal Peart’s writings like Cygnus X-1, By-Tor and the Snow Dog, etc.
  • Big Trouble in Little China (INDEED!)
Rounding out the top 10:
  • Firefly/Serenity
  • Farscape (again – Ben Browder man crush – only slightly eclipsed by Claudia Black/Aeryn Sun crush)
  • Superhero TV: Arrow, Flash, Agents of Shield, etc.
  • Dune: The Book and Movie – not so much the sci-fi miniseries although it grows on him as he continue to watch.
  • Doctor Who – right up until Amy Pond was written off.

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