Meet Guest Host Phil

Philip Chang has taken a pretty typical path through the realms of science-fiction and fantasy: reading, watching, playing, listening, convention-going, and rarely writing (aeons ago, anyway). Since high school, wherever he’s lived, he’s always had at least one H.P. Lovecraft anthology on his bookshelves. He received an astonishing scholarly boost when, one day at a neighborhood used bookstore in Boston, he stumbled on the remnants of J. Vernon Shea’s library of fanzines and ephemera. Since then he’s acquired all sorts of other Lovecraftian paraphernalia, except stuff that’s (1) sickeningly cutesy or (2) laughably phony. Currently he’s a university instructor in Colorado, and is trying to figure out how to fold the Old Gentleman in with music theory.

Phil joined us for S2 E09 – H.P. Lovecraft

Signature drink: Virgil’s Root Beer


Phil geeks out about:

  • Old-school gaming supplements and adventures/modules
  • Items that glow in the dark
  • Iain Banks’s Culture novels
  • Rudimentary console hacking
  • Schenkerian theory