Megan’s Best of Season 1 Episode – Star Wars: A New Hope

Wow. It’s already been an entire year of Educating [Geeks]. If I’m being totally honest, I’m shocked. I can’t tell you how proud it makes me that our little podcast of geek women has had such a successful first year. Our first year was a grand experiment and I’m so glad it worked out. Here I am picking my favorite episode out of a pool of 19 episodes! I’m being completely biased, but you should listen to all of them if you haven’t already, because there’s something for everyone in our first year lineup. But that’s not the purpose of this post. This post is to tell you my favorite episode from season 1.

For me, this was an easy choice – Star Wars. That classic mainstay of geekdom. The gateway drug for so many of us. The classic. The unstoppable. Star Wars. I picked this one for so many different reasons. What geek out there doesn’t want to spend an hour talking about A New Hope? Who wouldn’t want to take a friend by the hand and lead them into this grand adventure for the first time? We covered a wide variety of topics with this one – from favorite characters, to music, to box office figures and I often find myself laughing out loud at this one. Finally in this episode, we introduced you to Bri – the first new addition to the Educating [Geeks] family. She fit in so well with the show that it often feels like she’s been with us since the very beginning. We’ve since made her an Associate Producer and given her the reins to her very own project (which we’ll be announcing as soon as it’s ready).

While you’re listening, keep an ear out for some of my favorite moments:

  • 3:29 – Alice describes the problems she had with Best Buy when trying to find a copy of “A New Hope”. I’m still disappointed in Best Buy for this one (but please sponsor us!)!
  • 8:28 – Cassie tells us how she REALLY feels about C-3PO and I have a little too much fun with the editing. But who doesn’t want to hear sassy R2 at any opportunity?
  • 15:49 – Cassie brings up the classic argument: Han Shot First
  • 26:11 – We hear first hand why kids like JarJar Binks
  • 30:50 – We start coming up with strange band names including “Senate Vernacular” and “Digital Sass” (If any of you nerds steals these band names, we expect royalty payments).
  • 46:22 – Music! Sara and I wax poetic about the incredible John Willimas.
  • 59:41 – Cassie drops some truth bombs about how much of a box office success Star Wars was.
  • 1:05:49 – The Star Wars drinking game! You know you want to listen ;D

And before I bring our last Best Of episode to a close, I want to say thank you to each and everyone one of our listeners. Thank you for listening to us. Thank you for your feedback. Thank you for engaging with us and being a part of Educating [Geeks]. We plan to stick around for as long as you’ll let us. So to Season 2 I say: Engage!

Alice – Stargate SG-1

Bri – Iconica

Cassie – Katamari Damacy

Sara – American Horror Story: Asylum