Megan’s Best of Season 3 – E08 Mad Max and The Road Warrior

Picking my favorite episode is always a fun but difficult exercise. As an executive producer, picking the episode I like best is like picking which one of my pets is my favorite. But, pick I must, and so for you dear geeks and educatees, I bring you Mad Max and The Road Warrior.

Why Mad Max and The Road Warrior you ask? Well, first off, it gave me an opportunity to complete my own education on the Mad Max series. As I mention in the podcast, my mom is a huge Mad Max fan and we used to watch The Road Warrior regularly when I was growing up. But somehow, we never watched Mad Max. Having the chance to sit down and watch the movie that started it all was a treat. Well, kind of a treat because the movie is only alright. But it was fun just the same.

Second, I just love to sit down and talk with my co-executive producer, Alice. She’s my geek lobster. The Starbuck to my Apollo. The Spock to my Kirk (or is it the other way around? Whichever it is, we’re always mind melding). But this episode was extra fun because I also got to podcast with Krissy for the first time.

Finally, Krissy created two of my favorite bits: Mad Max as beat poetry and the birth of the Post-Apocalyptic Emporium.

This episode was a lot of fun and filled with lots of laughs and giggles. If you haven’t listened to it yet, you’re really missing out.

As always, we came up with some fun, and probably dangerous, drinking game rules, so go check them out.