E[G] Drinking Game S3 E12 – Mortal Kombat

The gang got together to kreate drinking game rules for the ikonic 1990s movie Mortal Kombat and pretty much everyone agreed that drinking while watching it might make it better. And better yet drinking with friends will make it even better than that.


Take a sip every time…

  • Shang Tsung spits

Take a drink every time…

  • a skull comes on screen
  • someone says a line that is five words or less
  • Shang Tsung says a classic line from the movie (e.g. flawless victory, your soul is mine, etc.)
  • Raiden does lighting eyes
  • Sonya Blade delivers a bad pun
  • Johnny Cage tries to use his star power and fails
  • Liu Kang is “funny” (imagine Krissy air quoting)
  • you catch yourself getting distracted and not paying attention to the movie
  • if you recognize any of the video game movies in the movie
  • if reptile is on the screen in terrible CGI form
  • anyone says Johnny Cage’s full name
  • someone kiais

Take a shot…

  • when scorpion makes his cartwheel entrance
  • when Johnny Cage says “this is where you fall down”
  • every time food is carelessly wasted
  • if you make it all the way to the end of the movie

Waterfall for the length of time…

  • the Mortal Kombat theme song plays
  • it takes Goro to tumble down the mountain

The “Mortal Kombat” Rules

  • take a drink every time a character says mortal kombat
  • take a big drink every time the sound track yells MORTAL KOMBAAAAAT
  • if someone in the watching group yells MORTAL KOMBAAAAAT, they have to do a shot

Signature Beer


Electrostatic Ale by Lightning Brewery

Signature Kocktail

Sake bomb! Make sure you listen to the podcast to here geek host Diana’s special sake bomb rules!

You will want to keep listening to the end of the podcast to hear the group perform a raucous rendition of the Mortal Kombat theme song. Yes, yes you read that korrectly.

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