NCT at Phoenix Comicon 2016

National Comedy Theatre is a friend of Educating Geeks! Geek Host Krissy is one of the Directors and she is super excited to tell you all about the plethora of panels that NCT is presenting at this year’s Phoenix Comicon!

If you like Rifftrax or Mystery Science Theatre 3K NCT’s MashTerpiece Theatre panels will be right up your alley. In each Movie MashTerpiece (sometimes called Spoof N Cinema) panel the hilarious team of improv comedians from NCT present an episode of the chosen show and give it completely new and hilarious dialogue and sound effects LIVE! Trivia & Prizes are also featured at each event.

TBTrue Blood (18+)

Thursday 7:30pm N226A

This is the bonkers crazy vampire universe you either hate to love, or love to hate. NCT is giving this episode of True Blood a complete comedy overhaul. This panel is 18+ and most definitely uncensored. Join us, if you dare! Facebook Event HERE.



sw cw PGStar Wars The Clone Wars (PG) 

Friday 4:30pm N232ABC

A Phoenix Comicon fan favorite, back for the 3rd year in a row! See what Obi Wan, Ashoka Tano, C3po and R2D2 are up to as your favorite hyper-politicized kids cartoon gets a brand new comedy sound track, LIVE! With Triva & Prizes! Facebook Event HERE.


Are You Afraid

Are You Afraid of the Dark 

Friday 6:00pm N131ABC 

For the first time at Phoenix Comicon, NCT is taking in the best of the worst of the 90s. In Are You Afraid of the Dark the spooky campfire stories are already a little goofball and wackadoodle. You can image the fun our hilarious cast will have with this panel! Facebook Event HERE.



 Buffy the Vampire Slayer 

Friday 7:30pm N227A 

For the first time at Phoenix Comicon, NCT is super excited to be working with the Urban Fantasy department! Buffy & the Scooby Gang are getting the MashTerpiece Theatre treatment, plus trivia & prizes! Facebook Event HERE.


sw cw 18Star Wars The Clone Wars (uncensored 18+) 

Friday 9:00pm N229AB 

Another fan favorite! The “dirty” version of Star Wars the Clone Wars! This panel was PACKED last year, so be sure to get seats early! Trivia & Prizes at this panel will feature items from our friends at Cheba Hut Toasted Subs. Facebook Event HERE.


 GoosebumpsGoosebumps Saturday

12:00pm N131ABC 

NCT debuted their first Horror Department panel last year with Goosebumps- A Night in Terror Tower and it was a jam packed, super hilarious good time. This year we are taking you to Camp Nightmare! Facebook Event HERE.


Battle of the KeanusWhoa: Battle of the Keanus 

Saturday 1:30pm N231BC 

Many Keanus will enter, only ONE Keanu will emerge victorious in this interactive event where YOU (The Audience) decide which Keanu would win in a fight. Would Neo from the Matrix defeat Ted Theodore Logan from Bill & Ted’s Excellent adventure? The panel of NCT Comedians, Educating [Geeks] podcasters and Nathan Blackwell of Squishy Studios will help you decide. Trivia & Prizes included! Facebook Event HERE.



Sunday 12:00pm N227A 

NCT’s last panel at Phoenix Comicon will be one of our favorites. NCT gave Supernatural the MashTerpiece treatment at Fan Fest last year, and it was so much fun they HAD to do it again! You are going to love this episode, with all new dialogue and hilarious twists. Facebook Event HERE.

Planning on joining Educating Geeks at Phoenix Comicon and visiting some of NCT’s panels as well? Don’t forget to add us to your ConQuest!