E[G] Drinking Game S4 E09 – Penny Dreadful

On this edition of the Educating [Geeks] Drinking Game, geek hosts Alice, Andrea, Bri and Megan come up with drinking game rules for Showtime’s Penny Dreadful. They get plenty of help from their live Phoenix Comicon 2016 audience, and as usual, come up with enough rules to completely ruin your evening.

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Penny Dreadful Drinking Game Rules

Take a drink…

  • Every time someone mentions their past cryptically
  • If Victor gets teary eyed
  • When Vanessa speaks in a raspy voice
  • Every time there is male nudity
  • When you see a scorpion
  • Any time Ethan and Ferdinand flirt with each other
  • Any time the Nightcomers are in natural form

Take a shot…

  • Any time Lyle’s hair or beard is mentioned
  • Any time you see a naked ass
  • Every time a character references the author of the book they’re from as if they are not that character (example: when Victor says he doesn’t care of Mary Shelly)
  • When Vanessa makes the scorpion symbol

Waterfall your drink…

  • Every time someone on screen is drinking
  • When the Cut-Wife is being burned

Empty your glass when…

  • If Lily drops her chin and looks like she is going to murder you with her eyes

Go refill your drink (or get some water)

  • Whenever there’s a sex scene that you’re uncomfortable with

When a character dies

  • Pour one out for your homie

Bonus Game:

Pick a character for the episode. Any time that character has a monologue, you must drink for the entire length of their speech.

Penny Dreadful Signature Alcohol: Absinthe

We didn’t come p with official signature drinks during the live podcast recording because of time constraints, but in the spirit of the show, we think you should enjoy a tasteful glass of absinthe while enjoying Penny Dreadful (especially season 1 episode 4 – see the header image).

Penny Dreadful Official Toast

To the Deminonde!

Seance 02 thefineartdiner

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