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It’s time for Geek [Supplies]! This week we scoured the internet to find all the best Penny Dreadful fan items your shriveled black little heart can handle. Join me after the junk to see what awesomeness we discovered just for you.

Cameos and Brooches – Oh My!

There are SO MANY beautiful Victorian era / Penny Dreadful inspired cameos and brooches. Here is just a sampling of what we found in the wilds of the internet.

Penny Dreadful Brooches

Etsy user GidgetJo created this beautiful series of Brooches featuring three of my favorite fellas from Penny Dreadful. Adorn yourself with the beautiful faces of Sembene, Sir Malcolm or (my boyfriend) Ethan Chandler. My gut told me to snatch up the Sembene piece, but then my heart told me to get all three and rotate throughout the week. Sounds like a good plan, right?

Vanessa Cameo

If you need to round out your brooch collection with the leading lady herself, you can grab this beautiful piece from Etsy shop TheMermaidsEmporium.

Heart Cameo

This stunning cameo comes from Etsy shop AuLutinAgile and she has a mountain of beautifully crafted cameos at affordable prices. They range from delicately gothic to delicately beautiful. I’ll definitely be rounding out some costumes with her pieces and if you’re looking to the perfect finishing touch to your own outfit, this is definitely a great place to look.

More Accessories

Remember when I said there were tons of great Penny Dreadful accessories? I wasn’t kidding.

Scorpion Choker

This gothic choker is so beautiful! Protect your neck with this lovely blood red scorpion from Etsy shop kanzashilandShop.

Dreadful Penny

I love jewelry that is as clever as it is pretty. This Penny Dreadful necklace is a Dreadful Penny! Get yours at Etsy shop BonVivantDesignHouse.

Scorpion Necklace

As a Scorpio, my “thing” for scorpions is about a strong as Vanessa’s. So you’ll understand why I couldn’t resist this cute little scorpion necklace from BlackBookCreations.

Bed Time Reading

As we discussed on the Penny Dreadful podcast, there’s a lot of classic Victorian literature being referenced in this Showtime epic. Here’s some light reading to help put you to sleep at night.


Alice and I couldn’t stop talking about how much we loved Rory Kinnear’s portrayal of The Creature. Read the origins of the Frankenstein tale with this edition of Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein. It includes original illustrations along side the story that you’re sure to enjoy. Grab it for your Kindle or in print on Amazon.

The Picture of Dorian Gray

Dorian may have been our least favorite character on the show, but the original story by Oscar Wilde is certainly worth reading.


And don’t forget to read the vampire classic that started it all – Dracula.

Penny Dreadful Collection

If you’d like to read the Penny Dreadfuls themselves, Amazon has a great collection you can put on your kindle. There are seven different volumes of collected PD stories, so you can read the gothic stories to your hearts content.

We found so many great Penny Dreadful geek supplies they couldn’t all fit into this post! Please visit our Pinterest board to see what else we uncovered.

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