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Welcome to Geek [Supplies] where friends help friends find ridiculously cute things to adorn themselves with…in the name of the moon!

sm shirt1

This cute little Luna tee is holographic! Holographic is the best color, and Luna is the best anime cat.

sm shirt2

I recently became obsessed with the SOciety6 biker tanks, and this Moon Princess tee is a perfect blend of strong yet feminine.

sm shirt3

Now, I know we covered the manga…but this tee that calls back to Sailor Moon’s anime transformation is pretty stinkin’ rad.

sm earrings

This earring and earcuff set are super adorable and probably the best possible thing you could wear to your next formal event.

sm necklace

If you’re looking for an everyday piece of jewelry the Moon Compact necklace is subtle and fun.

Home Goods
sm clock

Usagi/Sailor Moon is ALWAYS running late, but you don’t have to with this wall clock!

sm tote

Only get this tote if you want to own something that is so cute it makes me cry.

sm nails

This Sailor Moon topcoat has little bows. LITTLE RED BOWS. And tiny crescent moons!

sm nails2

The Luna nail polish has two of my favorite thing: the color black and a void-like depth. It would be my favorite nail item if it weren’t for…

sm nail plate

A sailor moon nail stamping plate!! These things are basically magic. If you don’t know how to use a nail stamping plate, this is the best video I’ve found.

We also found an, ahem, “magic pen” (dildo). Here’s your NSFW link to it.

There is so much cute Sailor Moon stuff out there that it couldn’t all be featured here. Check out our Pinterest board to see more.

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