Diana’s Best of Season 2 – E12 Sleepy Hollow S1


As a kid, sitting in the back of a station wagon, watching the passing road at nighttime on a small county highway in Upstate New York a few times a year, I’d often fear the headless horseman would pop out of the woods and chase us carrying a pumpkin head. Growing older I started to believe less of that obviously, but I still loved the story and found it fascinating, especially since the city of Sleepy Hollow actually exists. So I was super excited to get this opportunity and write about my favorites of Sleepy Hollow from Season 2 of Educating [Geeks], not only because it’s an awesome show, but also because I was in the audience during their live podcast! Hope you enjoy what I found enjoyable!

  • 4:08 to 4:59 – “Archaic big words” from the original story book
  • 9:10 to 9:37 – Ichabod… is he a witness, or isn’t he?
  • 15:49 to 16:11 – A description of Tom Mison begins, and swooning ensues (rightfully so!)
  • 30:02 to 30:59 – Up in arms about a levy on doughnut holes, discovering emoticons and counseling a NorthStar advisor… the hosts shared their ‘best of’ Ichabod moments
  • 39:37 to 45:17 – A mention of the strong, female presence on the show (ref. Bechdel Test), the racial diversity of the cast, and Drea gets semi-offended for being called “pasty-white person.”

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Diana’s Favorite Drinking Game Rules:

  • 0:40 – Take a drink every time Ichabod calls Abbie “Leftenant”
  • 1:41 – Take a shot every time you see the Horseman
  • 1:58 – Take a drink every time Ichabod corrects a historical fact
  • 2:10 – Waterfall your drink for the length of Ichabod’s rants

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My favorite item(s) from the geek supplies ……

So I tried my hardest to pick a favorite and I just couldn’t. Here are my top 2 picks:

Nail polish (you can’t go wrong with these colors… And the company is cruelty-free! YAY!!) This collection can be found on Etsy.

SLEEPY HOLLOW Nail Polish Collection 6 Full by SpectrumCosmetic, $48.00

Also the comic books (haven’t had the chance to get these yet, but they seem extremely appealing), which are available on the Things From Another World website.

Sleepy Hollow #1 (of 4)

Thanks for tuning in to my favorites from Educating [Geeks] Season 2 of Sleepy Hollow! I’d love to hear your thoughts!!

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