So It Begins…

Phoenix Comicon Starts Tomorrow!

Four days of amazing panels, cosplayers, events, parties and hanging with your tribe — which ever tribe of geek that may be. We can’t wait to see you!  We have compiled all of our tips from the posts for your printable convenience; we’ve included files for Tips – For Kids!, General Con Tips, and Bri’s Tips for Foodies.


Educating [Geeks] Panels


…Is There Such a Person? Lovecraft’s Female Characters
When: Thursday June 5th 8 – 9 PM
Where: South building, Room 166
Hashtag: #ladiesoflovecraft  
Published: July 4th

FRIDAY June 6th

Agents of STEM
When:  Friday June 6th 12:00 – 1:00 PM 
Where: North building, room 122c
Hashtag: #agentsofstem
American Horror Story: Coven
When:  Friday June 6th 1:30 – 2:30 PM 
Where: South building, room 166
Hashtag: #egcoven
Published: July 18th    
Squeefest 2014: 6-packs, guns & tight buns
When:  Friday June 6th 7:30 – 8:30 PM 
Where: North building, room, 125ab
Hashtag: #squeefest2014


Game of Thrones: All Men Must Die
When: Saturday June 7th 3 – 4 PM
Where: North building, room 131
Hashtag: #allmenmustdie
Published: August 1st 

SUNDAY June 8th

Ichabod’s Apocalypse: Sleepy Hollow & literature, history, & the Bible
 When: SUNDAY June 8th 3:30 – 4:30 PM
Where: North building, room 227c
Hashtag: #egsleepyheads 
Published: August 15th  

June is our community month here at Educating [Geeks], when we take a small hiatus from our standard content. It gives us an opportunity to focus on our community (you gals and guys) and refocus our energies for the second half of the year. As such, although we will have content going up during June, we’ll be taking a break from our regular schedule. All The [Trek] will keep on trekking with it’s regular Tuesday videos and we’ll be posting our schedule for the rest of year. We’ll also share some post comicon reviews and updates we think you’ll enjoy.   We’ll be back in full swing with podcasts, drinking game rules and geek supplies starting on Friday July 4th with our H. P. Lovecraft recording from Phoenix Comicon.

We can’t wait to see you this weekend at Phoenix Comicon and we can’t wait to share all of our awesome content for the last half of 2014. We think you’ll love it!

Tips for Comicon – General

Tips for Comicon – with Kids

Tips for Comicon – Lightrail/Foodie