Squeefest 2015 Winner Announcement

I am not going to lie. Squeesfest time is my favorite time of year. All of the team captains debating about which guys to add to their teams, the endless searching for sexy pictures for the PowerPoint, and the incredibly loud squeeing of the audience. And this year…WOW…you audience members were amazing, especially the men in the back practically doing cartwheels for their favorite guys. This year one of the team captains, Krissy Lenz, made up raps for all of her team members. All of it makes for a crazy good time!

For those of you who could not be in the audience here’s how the voting went down:

Round One

Round Two


Round Three

R1 TH over JD (1)

Tom Mison vs Benedict Cumberbatch

Stephen Amell vs Tom Hiddleston

Stephen Amell vs Tom Hiddleston

R1 TH over JD (2)

Ryan Reynolds vs Chris Pratt

Round Four


Stephen Amell vs Benedict Cumberbatch

Final Round


And the winner is:


Who knows what will happen next year? Regardless I hope to hear your voice squeeing at the top of your lungs so make sure you sign up for our newsletter to stay up-to-date with next year’s plans and all of our other content! We can’t wait to have you join us at Phoenix Comicon 2016.