Geek [Supplies] – Star Trek: The Original Series Part 1


Welcome to Geek [Supplies] where friends live long and prosper together. Bri has made it through all of Star Trek: The Original Series and we want to celebrate that achievement. One of the ways we’re going to do that is to bring you a two-part Geek [Supplies] for all things (well maybe not ALL things) Star Trek: The Original Series. Over both posts we’ll find you the best treasures, from books to cookie jars to saint candles to wall art and so much more.


Star-Trek- TOS-Novels-vulcan

I turned to a Goodreads list: The Best Star Trek The Original Series Books to identify novels taking place in the Star Trek universe involving the characters from The Original Series. To help narrow down this 62-book list, I decided to feature the top 5 stories having to do with Vulcans: The Vulcan Academy MurdersSpock’s World, Sarek, Vulcan’s Glory and The Search for Spock.

 Cookie Jars

Star Trek- cookie jars

Westland Giftware makes a fair amount of Star Trek-themed items. These Spock and McCoy cookie jars called out to me. I would put them on opposite kitchen counters and image the tete-a-tete between them. McCoy: I’m not a magician; I’m just an old country doctor. Spock: Yes. As I always suspected.

Art Prints

Star-Trek- Art-Prints

Quantum Mechanix publishes a series of beautiful art prints for Star Trek: The Original Series. They’re in the style of movie posters and I LOVE them. Designer/illustrator Juan Ortiz is the creator and he plans to do them for the entire series. They come in sets of four and there are currently 20 sets that I know of — if you know of more please share in the comments. Pictured above are set 1  and set 2.

Saint Candles


I am not a religious woman but I do love iconography. These Saint Candles created by Dakota tickled my funny bone. They are available in her Etsy store ArtcessoriesbyDakota. You can buy them as a set or individually. I decided to figure out which patron saint each of them would represent. Kirk = Patron saint of womanizing. Uhura = Patron saint of being woefully under utilized. Spock = Patron saint of repressed passion. Bones = Patron saint of unpressed sarcasm. Sulu = Patron saint of internet domination. What would you pick for them?

Star Trek and Bacon


I love Star Trek and I love bacon but I can’t decide if I love Star Trek and Bacon. That said these serious but silly pieces really caught my eye. They were painted by Jesse Azarian and are available at his Esty shop startrekandbacon. They are 8″ x 10″ and done in acrylic.

Watch Bri’s All The [Trek] Episodes 01-37 covering The Original Series.

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