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Welcome to Geek [Supplies] where we are all water brothers and grok each other in fullness. Okay, maybe not. But we do enjoy finding items around the internet that help us celebrate our geeky passions. In this case, a New York Times best-selling work of science fiction — Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert Heinlein.



The group discussed how much they like the word Grok. You can sport grok-wear with these three t-shirt designs. I don’t know about you but I grok fail all the time.

Left: Grokfail by troublegerl

Middle: Grok Thyself by Skreened

Right: Grok me? by Matt Simmer

Household Items


I think the pillow pictured in the top image would make a very nice wedding gift, right? That quote to convey a beautiful sentiment. Personally, I prefer the mug.

Top: Heinlein Quote Pillow by Typed Book Quotes

Bottom left: Yoda Grok Spock mug by sumotees

Bottom right: Classic Science Fiction Book Covers Coasters by TheTileProject

Art Prints


On the podcast, we spent a fair amount of time discussing the misogyny in the book and how much of that misogyny is deep-seated in Heinlein himself. The quote on the right might suggest that his view of women might be more multi-layered than the book suggests. The quote in the middle is one of my favorites!

Left: Woman … , Robert A. Heinlein Quote by PhobosArt

Middle: Robert A. Heinlein by RyanSheffield

Right: you GROK. by pennyPRINTABLE


Young Adult Novels


On the podcast, the hosts talked about Heinlein’s young adult novels and how they, and people they know, liked this group of novels better than Heinlein’s works for the adult reader.

Left: The Rolling Stones

Middle: Starman Jones

Right: Farmer in The Sky



Need a valentine card? Consider the one on the right. It even has silver foil — fancy. You might also consider sporting your love of classic SciFi with an iPhone case. Sorry android users.

Left: Meeting card by SuperCoolCards

Right: iPhone case by RiverCityPrinting


Educating [Geeks] podcast for Stranger in a Strange Land

E[G] Drinking Game rules for Stranger in a Strange Land will post this Friday (12/9/2016)

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