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First Time [Film] Club E01 – A Knight’s Tale

Change your stars! A couple of Thursdays back geek hosts Megan and Alice joined NCT Phoenix Players Krissy and Zeke to record the first episode of the First Time [Film] Club podcast. We recorded in front of a live audience after the film, A Knight’s Tale, was presented by NCT Phoenix. The discussion includes Paul Bettany camera angles, suppository hats, the definition of turpulence and Zeke gets a call from his butt.

Announcing a New Partnership: First Time [Film] Club

We are excited to announce that we are partnering with the National Comedy Theatre Phoenix Players to record a live podcast for their Film Time Film Club showings. Two of our Educating [Geeks] hosts will be joined by NCT’s First Timer and Super Fan for a lively discussion of the film being shown.  NCT’s First Time Film Club showings happen at various time throughout the year and will be added as First Time [Film] Club to our public calendar so you can be sure to join us for the film screenings and podcast recordings.