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E[G] Drinking Game S4 E03 – Castle In The Sky

Castle In The Sky

The geek hosts got together with guest host Nathan to create drinking game rules for Hayao Miyazaki’s Castle In The Sky. Grab your friends, grab the movie, grab some beer and get ready for epic mustaches! Play responsibly of course.

Geek [Supplies] – Castle In The Sky

Welcome to Geek [Supplies] where friends grow mustaches and join a pirate gang together. We’ve got the only t-shirt that matters, some beautiful art prints and even a trumpet!

Educating [Geeks] S4 E03 – Castle In The Sky

Geek hosts Alice and Megan were joined by guest host Nathan to continue Sara’s education on Hayao Miyazaki films. Last year we discussed Spirited Away. This time we watched Castle In The Sky which is having its 30th anniversary this year. We talked about the voice performances, how this film ranks among Miyazaki’s films, how much we love pirate gangs and Nathan’s trip to the Studio Ghibli museum.

Educating [Geeks] S3 E16 – FLCL

This week geek hosts Alice, Megan, and Bri celebrate the 15th anniversary of the release of FLCL! Disconcerting sounds, animation, and puberty are all discussed as Alice learns a little more about anime.

Sara’s Best of Season 2 – E05 Spirited Away


Cartoons are just not for me. I don’t even like the ones made specifically for adults. I don’t know why, it’s nothing personal, but I just can’t connect with the medium. But I do love Nathan Blackwell (have you guys seen his new Voyage Trekkers PSAs? They’re hilarious as always!), and when he wanted to educate a [geek] on Hayao Miyazaki’s Spirited Away, I volunteered as tribute.