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This Ship Sails Itself – [Bri] Geeks Out

Your One True Pairing. The fictional couple that potentially makes you weep…or embroils you in epic internet debates. You don’t care if they’re canon or not. You’re captain of that ship, and you’re willing to go down with it.

Some of you might be utterly baffled. What is an OTP? Well, you take one of your favorite characters and pair them with another character. Then you turn into a puddle while thinking about the romantic hijinks they would probably get into. If/when your OTP becomes canon (that is, acknowledged and confirmed by the person who creates official stories for the characters)…then you can proudly proclaim “this ship sails itself.

I, sadly, don’t have an OTP…but I totally love geeking out over other people’s OTPs and finding out why they enjoy pairing certain characters together. Members of the Educating [Geeks] crew were kind enough to share their OTPs for this [Geek] Out, read on to find out which characters make their hearts go wub wub wub.

TCA 2015 Winter Tour Recap: Genre series premieres, renewals and more


With the second half of the 2014-2015 television season well underway and the 2015 Television Critics Assn. Winter Press Tour concluded, we here at All About TV are happy to give you a rundown of the geeky details.

Which genre shows are coming back for another round this fall? Which shows are being given a stay of execution? (For now.) Check out the state of your favorite new and returning series below.

Fan Fest Spotlight on David Ramsey and Ben Browder

Phoenix Comicon Fan Fest 2014 kicked off their first annual event December 12-14 at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, AZ. The event focused on comic books, costuming, kids, and actors. Some notable guests at the event were David Ramsey, Ben Browder, Linda Blair, Colin Baker, and Paul McGann.

At the time of Fan Fest, I had never seen Arrow, but had heard great things about the show as well as David Ramsey. And as a super Stargate SG1 fan, Ben Browder’s panel was a must. So, I buckled in for some good panel Q&A time on Saturday.

All About [TV] – Fall 2014 Genre TV Premieres

Your one stop shop for a listing of the Fall 2014 Genre TV premieres. We’ve got the day, time, channel and a link to view the trailer for upcoming genre tv premieres all in one handy spot. Geek hosts Megan and  Cassie toss in some quick comments as well. Let us know what you are planning to watch in the comments and/or on social media!

Geek [Supplies] – Phoenix Comicon

Welcome to a special edition of Geek [Supplies] – where geeks help geeks get prepared for the best Con in Phoenix!