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E[G] Drinking Game S4 E17 – Stranger in a Strange Land

This week Educating [Geeks] Drinking Game podcast is the shortest is the group’s history. Alice, Cassie, Megan and guest host Kimberly found themselves all on the same page.

E[G] Drinking Game S4 E13 – Battlestar Galactica Seasons 3 and 4

On this edition of the Educating Geeks Drinking Game Alice, Cassie and Megan create drinking game rules for the final two seasons of Battlestar Galactica. They get a little distracted discussing some of the drunken antics from the show and recommend some tasty beverages to help you enjoy your binge watch of the Sci-Fi original series.

Educating [Geeks] S4 E13 – Battlestar Galactica Seasons 3 & 4

On this double-sized episode of Educating [Geeks] Alice and Megan finish Cassie’s education on the Sci-Fi original series Battlestar Galactica. The ladies talk through seasons three and four by discussing the reveal of the final five, all the deaths that take place and the religious storylines throughout the series.

E[G] Drinking Game S4 E11 – Fahrenheit 451

This week on the E[G] Drinking Game podcast, guest host Tanya joins us to create rules for the 1966 François Truffaut film Fahrenheit 451. We couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate its 50th anniversary! And be warned…there are spoilers in these rules.

E[G] Drinking Game S4 E06 – Orphan Black

This week the EG Clone Club creates drinking game rules for season 1 of Orphan Black. We’ve got references to Shakira, musical theatre and butts.