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Geek [Supplies] – Labyrinth

Welcome to Geek [Supplies] where we know we only have 13 hours in which to solve the Labyrinth before Toby becomes a goblin… forever! Join us in this special 30th Anniversary edition Labyrinth Geek [Supplies] where we try to bring you the best of what’s to be had, so you can add it to your collection!

E[G] Drinking Game – The Star Wars Holiday Special

The Star War Holiday Special has infamy in the Star Wars fandom as being notoriously bad. We wanted to do something fun and unexpected for our last podcast of season 3, and we decided that the Star Wars Holiday Special needed a drinking game! Bri, Cassie and Diana came up with the rules and Alice, Cassie, Devon, Diana, Andrea and her husband Rob got together to share the rules on the podcast. After recording the E[G] Drinking Game podcast, we decided to watch the Star War Holiday Special that night and play the drinking game we just created. As a bonus, we also decided to record the shenanigans as a watch-and-drink-a-long. Needless to say, we were a little tipsy by the end. We humbly present the results…

Educating [Geeks] S3 E18 – The Hunger Games

This week Bri, Andrea, Diana, and guest host Nathan discuss the first three Hunger Games movies. They discuss Capitol fashion, apocalyptic politics, and confirm that this is not a love triangle story. It’s a survival story.

Educating [Geeks] S3 E15 – Doctor Who Series 1

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Doctor Who reboot (2005), four huge fans (Alice, Andrea, Devon and Sara) sat down with to find out how newbie Diana felt about the series. The group talks about the relationship between The Doctor and Rose, fan theories, their hate of the Slitheen and everyone waits with bated breath to hear if Diana liked the show.

Educating [Geeks] S3 E14 – Firefly & Serenity

This week hosts Andrea, Bri, Diana, and Sara get together to discuss Firefly and Serenity. Can one of the hosts overcome her controversial stance on the beloved series and movie? We’ll find out!