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E25: Die Hard (1988)

Die Hard

Its the podcast where a filmmaker, and an improv comedian are the lone, rogue defenders of the Metaphorical Nakatomi Tower of 80s Movies we love… and the terrorists are both the haze of nostalgia we feel and the 2018 (soon to be 2019) eyes we are using to revisit them. And if that doesn’t make any sense…. Uh… yippie ki yak mother buckets…

THIS is Epsidode 25: Die Hard – a Christmas Special….??? And a movie selection from 1988

How John McClane Saved Christmas – Why Die Hard is the Best Christmas Movie

Everyone has their movie that comforts them during bad days, sickness, loss, and anything else life can throw at us. For my boss, its My Best Friend’s Wedding, for my father in law, its Princess Bride, and for my husband, its Fifth Element. Mine? Well, mine I’ve seen at least half a dozen times this year alone. Not only is it my go-to film, it’s also the greatest Christmas movie ever – Die Hard.