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E[G] Drinking Game S3 E02 – Eureka S1 & 2


This week on the Educating [Geeks] drinking game podcast geek hosts Andrea, Cassie and Krissy create rules for the first two seasons of the SyFy original series Eureka. Krissy starts things off with a mini game and everyone has something to say about Fargo.

Geek [Supplies] – Eureka S1 & 2

Welcome to Geek [Supplies] — where friends help friends save the world from misguided, well-intentioned geniuses whose inventions almost destroy the planet (every week). Phew – I think that deserves a beer.


Educating [Geeks] S3 E02 – Eureka S1 and 2


This week on Educating [Geeks] Andrea, Cassie and Krissy discuss seasons 1 & 2 of the SyFy series Eureka. The discussion covers how wacky time paradox stores can be so confusing, emotional vs logical decision making, how Sara in the bathroom freaks everyone out and Krissy creates the theme song for Eureka V2.0.

Upcoming Podcasts Through March 2015

January will be filled with Best of Season 2 posts, but we’ll be bringing you fresh content starting February 6, 2014. We’ll start the new year off with a discussion of the 12 Monkeys film just as the TV series begins. We’ve got three other topics through March 27th from well know TV series to a powerhouse video game series. Take a look at what we’ve got planned in 2015 below!