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Educating [Geeks] Goes to FanFest 2015 – Spotlight on Denise Crosby

Whew! 2015 is over and 2016 is well underway. Now that the holidays are behind us, I finally sat down to share my thoughts about Phoenix FanFest 2015. I attended on Saturday, which gave me the opportunity to see Denise Crosby’s panel. I remember her from Star Trek: The Next Generation, and I was excited for a chance to hear from the actor behind Tasha Yar.

She told us all about Star TrekDeep Impact, The Walking Dead, and her plans for a new Trekkies documentary.

Educating [Geeks] Does Fan Fest 2014

2014 is coming to a close, and the folks at Phoenix Comicon decided to provide geeks everywhere with one last way to geek out. They called it Fan Fest and it invaded the University of Phoenix Stadium December 12-14, 2014. This particular event was intended to focus on specific genres: comic books, costuming, kids, and actors. When this event was announced in early October, I noticed that the responses to the event were either “huh? wha? that’s weird” or “OMG! PANIC!”. I found myself falling into the confusion category, a bit wary of yet another Con in Arizona. But seeing as Executive Producer Alice reminds us to “Be an Optimist Prime, Not a Negatron” and that it would be nice for the cosplayers and vendors to not be dealing with 100+ degree heat, I decided that this could be a really great idea!