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Diana’s Best of Season 2 – E12 Sleepy Hollow S1


As a kid, sitting in the back of a station wagon, watching the passing road at nighttime on a small county highway in Upstate New York a few times a year, I’d often fear the headless horseman would pop out of the woods and chase us carrying a pumpkin head. Growing older I started to believe less of that obviously, but I still loved the story and found it fascinating, especially since the city of Sleepy Hollow actually exists. So I was super excited to get this opportunity and write about my favorites of Sleepy Hollow from Season 2 of Educating [Geeks], not only because it’s an awesome show, but also because I was in the audience during their live podcast! Hope you enjoy what I found enjoyable!

TCA 2015 Winter Tour Recap: Genre series premieres, renewals and more


With the second half of the 2014-2015 television season well underway and the 2015 Television Critics Assn. Winter Press Tour concluded, we here at All About TV are happy to give you a rundown of the geeky details.

Which genre shows are coming back for another round this fall? Which shows are being given a stay of execution? (For now.) Check out the state of your favorite new and returning series below.

All About [TV] – Summer Genre TV wraps up in time for Fall TV season: What did you watch?

I don’t know about anyone else, but as far as television watching goes, I wasn’t very productive. There were just too many options and not enough time, which is something I’ll probably continue to lament in years to come given how many options we have now.

It’s not a bad problem to have as far as scripted television is concerned, but still mildly overwhelming as a viewer. The fact that so many serialized projects are in the works for the next 18 months and the fact that these shows are being filmed all over North America is definitely an interesting trend to track.

Ichabod’s Apocalypse: Sleepy Hollow and literature, history, and the Bible

When: Sunday, June 8, from 3:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Where: Phoenix Convention Center, North Hall, Room 277c.

Who: Alice, Andrea, Devon and Sara.

Hashtag: #egsleepyheads