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Geek [Supplies] – A Game of Thrones Novel


We’ve scoured the internets to find you some awesome Game of Thrones Geek [Supplies] to help you show your love of the awesome novel. Take a look at what we tracked down for you!

Geek [Supplies] – American Horror Story: Hotel

Welcome to Geek [Supplies], where we try to find the very best stuff for our geeky friends! Come and check out the interesting, and sometimes freaky, items we have in store for you from one of our favorite shows, American Horror Story: Hotel.

Geek [Supplies] – Penny Dreadful

It’s time for Geek [Supplies]! This week we scoured the internet to find all the best Penny Dreadful fan items your shriveled black little heart can handle. Join me after the junk to see what awesomeness we discovered just for you.

Geek [Supplies] – The Hunger Games

Welcome to Geek [Supplies] — Where friends help friends gather the tools they need to strike down the Capitol (or…you know, help friends find really cool t-shirts). Before we even start this week’s Geek [Supplies], I’ll suggest you watch the first three movies (The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, and Mocking Jay – Part 1). And then go watch the newest one (Mocking Jay Part – 2) in theaters. Now, read on!

Geek [Supplies] – Doctor Who Series 1

Welcome to Geek [Supplies] where friends decide they like the ninth Doctor. You may have heard someone say that the ninth Doctor is the most polarizing Doctor in the fandom. People either love him, or hate him. When the group got together to introduce Diana to the Doctor Who fandom we all decided we liked him, whether it started straight out of the gate or developed over time. Here you’ll find items the group selected to help celebrate the ninth Doctor’s fantastic-ness.