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Diana’s Best of Season 2 – E12 Sleepy Hollow S1


As a kid, sitting in the back of a station wagon, watching the passing road at nighttime on a small county highway in Upstate New York a few times a year, I’d often fear the headless horseman would pop out of the woods and chase us carrying a pumpkin head. Growing older I started to believe less of that obviously, but I still loved the story and found it fascinating, especially since the city of Sleepy Hollow actually exists. So I was super excited to get this opportunity and write about my favorites of Sleepy Hollow from Season 2 of Educating [Geeks], not only because it’s an awesome show, but also because I was in the audience during their live podcast! Hope you enjoy what I found enjoyable!

CONNNNNN: The Recordings!


(One of these days, I will be able to title one of my posts to include “The Musical!”)

First off, we cannot say it enough – thank you, thank you to everyone who came out and enjoyed Phoenix Comicon with us this year! We loved meeting all our new friends and seeing our old ones. I had the pleasure of participating or attending each and every panel we presented this year.

As you have read, four of our six panels were live podcast recordings. Until each of these are posted over the next month or so, we wanted to give you a review of the treat in store for you.

Ichabod’s Apocalypse: Sleepy Hollow and literature, history, and the Bible

When: Sunday, June 8, from 3:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Where: Phoenix Convention Center, North Hall, Room 277c.

Who: Alice, Andrea, Devon and Sara.

Hashtag: #egsleepyheads