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NCT at Phoenix Comicon 2016

National Comedy Theatre is a friend of Educating Geeks! Geek Host Krissy is one of the Directors and she is super excited to tell you all about the plethora of panels that NCT is presenting at this year’s Phoenix Comicon!

If you like Rifftrax or Mystery Science Theatre 3K NCT’s MashTerpiece Theatre panels will be right up your alley. In each Movie MashTerpiece (sometimes called Spoof N Cinema) panel the hilarious team of improv comedians from NCT present an episode of the chosen show and give it completely new and hilarious dialogue and sound effects LIVE! Trivia & Prizes are also featured at each event.

Post-Phoenix Comicon Geek [Supplies] Part One

Phoenix Comicon offers a myriad of things to do from celebrity panels to maid service to cosplayers to, of course, the exhibitor hall. The exhibitor hall offers all sorts of pleasures all on its own. Endless shopping, author autographs, displays, free poster, the list goes on. The exhibitor hall at Phoenix Comicon has grown every year and this year was the biggest year yet. The only downside? I never feel like I get the chance to see everything. And I want to see everything. My hunter gatherer instincts are in full swing by the time I hit the exhibitor floor on the first day and even if I get there every day of con I still never feel like like I have explored every corner of every aisle.

In the age of the internet and websites like Esty it is not as difficulty to find items of a geeky nature but to be able to feel the hand of the fabric, check the quality of a book binding before you by it or and the ability to talk to a creator directly make shopping in the exhibitor a special experience. I asked the team what treasures they found this year in the exhibitor hall. First up is Megan. 

Thank You Phoenix Comicon 2015!

Feature Image Photo via Phoenix Comicon Photographer Devon Christopher Adams

We made it through another Phoenix Comicon! This weekend always seems to pass by at warp speed and this year was no exception. For the third year, Educating [Geeks] spent the better part of the weekend bringing you some awesome panels and we were so glad to see your smiling faces! It was truly an honor to see some of you again and meet many of you for the first time. Whether we were geeking out over American Horror Story or dancing in the seats to celebrate our favorite hot guys in sci-fi you are what made the panels so worth while. We can’t thank you enough for making 2015 another great year at Phoenix Comicon and we hope we helped make your weekend a little more awesome as well.

We’ll have some more in-depth recaps of what we saw and did at Phoenix Comicon in the coming weeks, but here’s a brief preview of stuff that happened and the people who helped make it possible:

Geek [Supplies] – Phoenix Comicon 2015

Welcome to Geek [Supplies] where we help find you all the things you need to not only survive Phoenix Comicon, but to conquer Phoenix Comicon.

Be sure to check out suggestions for last year’s con in addition to these fun finds!

An Ode to Huan, Our Little First-Timer

Dearest Huan,

I’m so excited you’ve decided to take this step and come on a journey with us, the ladies of Educating [Geeks]. This journey will be filled with mystery, crowds, fandom, lines, geekery, and drastically fluctuating tempuratures.

Never fear – as seasoned veterans of Phoenix Comicon (along with many other conventions), we have some tips and tricks to make your journey more enjoyable. What? Did you think we’d make you go through this alone? Oh, silly Huan.