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E24: Robocop (1987)

E24 Robocop

Its the podcast where a comedian, two filmmakers and three podcasters, who actually only equal 3 human beings, take anther look at the 80s movies we loved hated hated to love and loved to hate… with a haze of nostalgia but also with 2018 eyes… And, as always, you have 20 seconds to comply.

Join Nathan Blackwell of Squishy Studios, Krissy Lenz of National Comedy Theatre and special guest, Andy Nelson of the Next Reel Podcast!

Is ‘Almost Human’ the love child of ‘RoboCop’ and ‘Terminator?’


Short answer: Maybe.

Slightly longer answer: Maybe not.

First of all, in the interest of full disclosure, I should mention that I loathed the original RoboCop and RoboCop 2. And, if you haven’t listened to Educating [Geeks] S2 E1, you can check out our general Geekhost consensus there.

To be frank, I disliked the films so much that the only reason I’d actually pay to see the reboot is because it stars Joel Kinnaman from the bizarrely controversial AMC series, The Killing. Unlike my fellow Geekhosts, I’m unable to look back at the original’s hokey special effects and lame attempts at both drama and comedy with fondness, because I waited far too long into adulthood to see it. No nostalgia for me. Womp-womp.

E[G] Drinking Game S2 E01 – RoboCop and RoboCop 2

Whether you’re planning to watch RoboCop, RoboCop 2 or the newly released remake, geek hosts Alice, Bri, Cassie and Megan recommend you give our drinking game rules a try. And if you haven’t heard our episode dedicated to the first two films in the franchise, make sure to give it a listen.

Educating [Geeks] S2 E01 – RoboCop 1 and 2

This week on Educating [Geeks] Cassie gets an education on the classic SciFi action/dramedy movies RoboCop 1 and RoboCop 2.

I’d buy that for a dollar!

Upcoming Episodes for 2014

Happy 2014 dear listeners! We hope you enjoyed listening to the episodes we brought you in 2013 as much as we enjoyed making them. We’ve got big plans for 2014 that we think you’ll enjoy. Here’s a list of all the episodes we have planned so far.