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Educating [Geeks] Bonus – Voyage Trekkers


In this special double-stuffed bonus episode the hosts discuss the web series Voyage Trekkers and create E[G] Drinking Game rules. Geek hosts Alice, Andrea and Sara were joined in the studio by guest host Mack (who turned out to be an E[G]DG master).  Along the way Drea suggests that Alice get a “Powell’s Number One Fan” t-shirt, Mack previews his future as a “red shirt” and Sara reminisces about meeting Nathan Blackwell. In this bonus episode, we’ve included the E[G] Drinking Game rules at the end so make sure you listen all the way through!

Meet Guest Host Nathan

Filmmaker Nathan Blackwell began his career like many of his counterparts … a manic eleven year-old running around with a camera, making terrible movies.  He’s since directed over forty short films, two low-to-no budget feature films, and several web series.  His productions have involved ninjas, gentleman super spies, cross dressers, rectal-probing aliens, face-melting nazis, suburban mad scientists, melodramatic role-playing nerds, magic-casting teenagers, zombies, and space men with ray guns.  He’s the co-creator, writer and director of the sci-fi comedy web series Voyage Trekkers.