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First Time [Film] Club E03 – UHF


A couple of Thursdays back geek hosts Megan and NCT Phoenix Players Krissy & Paul introduced first timer Alice to Weird Al Yankovic’s film UHF.

We recorded this podcast live at NCT Phoenix. Megan focuses on all the clever little details, Krissy gets her soap operas mixed up, Alice presents some logic that makes sense only to her, and Paul gets very angry at Siskel and Ebert’s reaction to the film.

UHF (Weird Al Yankovic) 25th Anniversary Screening


Bring your favorite spatula … . It’s time for UHF! Geek host Alice will be watching the 1989 film debut of comedy rock satirist Weird Al Yankovic for the first time. Join the First Time Film Club Thursday, March 26 at 7:30 p.m.

George Newman (Yankovic) and his friend Bob take over Channel 62, a failing local TV station. George fills the broadcast day with bizarre programming, bringing the ratings up and turning Channel 62 into an overnight success. Soon, rival station CEO R.J. Fletcher threatens to sabotage Channel 62, and George must come up with a way to save it. UHF also stars Victoria Jackson, Emo Philips, and Fran Drescher.

The LIVE podcast recording follows the screening and is included with admission. Join in the conversation as The Educating [Geeks] crew hashes out the best and worst moments of UHF and help them create some drinking game rules for the film.

There will be a trivia quiz between the film screening and podcast recording. Prizes provided by Bookmans & NCT.

Get Tickets Online Now! $5

Once on the “get tickets” page navigate to March 26th using the calendar and then select the event. You will be asked to enter payment information and purchase tickets from there.

(This event is rated PG-13.)