E[G] Drinking Game S2 E19 – The Guild

Listening to this podcast you might think we had be drinking before our Comic & Media Expo panel but I assure you we were totally sober. Thank you to everyone who came to the panel and participated!

1410 GNN CMX DCA-45

If you haven’t already, make sure to listen to the podcast discussion of The Guild and check out Geek [Supplies] for some holiday gift ideas.

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The Rules

Take a drink…

  • every time Codex plays an instrument
  • every time Zaboo adds “-ed” to a word
  • every time Clara is irresponsible with her kids
  • every time the social media blogger says “leave it in the comments”
  • for every cameo you recognize
  • every time Vork displays his super cheapness
  • for every potty-humor joke
  • Drink every time Clara’s husband gets called Mr. Wiggly
  • every time there is a Dragon in the shot
  • for every split screen
  • if Floyd makes you nervous
  • if you notice something new in the background
  • to cope every time romanic or sexual boundaries are violated or not enforced
  • every time there is a super cliche good vs. evil moment

 Waterfall your drink…

  • the entire time the amazing harlequin romance picture is on screen

 Make everyone one else drink…

  • if you are the first one to shout RAGE QUIT after recognizing a gaming term

Take a shot…

  • every time Vork actually pays for something – from audience member Rob
  • if Zaboo reminds you of an ex
  • for every cameo that makes you squee like only a fan girl can
  • every time something vagina related is mentioned
  • for every Con cliche that you see
  •  every time you find yourself routing for Codex

 Signature Alcohol


Audience member Devon suggests – bacon flavored Vodka

 Signature Cocktail

Redbull and Vodka or a Cosmo

Geek host Sara’s special signature cocktail rule – Take a drink of your redbull and Vodka every time Zaboo talks about how little sleep he’s gotten

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