Megan’s Best of Season 2 – E21 The Hobbit

I’m not sure how the other geek hosts felt when they picked their best of episodes, but for me, it was an easy choice. The Hobbit was the last episode of 2014, which makes it really fresh in my mind, but honestly, I think it was one of the most fun episodes to tape last year. But fun came with a price.

When we tape episodes of the podcast, we usually try to keep our discussions to an hour so they’re easy to edit. When we talked about J.R.R. Tolkien’s fantasy classic, it was a Friday night after a long week of work. We were punchy, we were having fun, and somehow we accidentally talked for over 2 hours. We like to keep our podcasts to a manageable length, and after a lot of effort, I was able to cut that 2 hour conversation in half. But I had to cut so much of our conversation out of the episode. But there was so much good stuff! I felt like my job wasn’t finished and I haven’t stopped thinking about the episode ever since it aired.

So rather than resharing the episode I couldn’t stop thinking of, I sat down and put on my Peter Jackson hat to bring you The Hobbit: The Extended edition. Ah. That feels so much better. Some of the great moments that didn’t make it into the first cut include:

  • Discussing the parallels between The Hobbit and the Harry Potter series
  • Multiple discussions comparing the novel to the Hobbit film series
  • Sound clips from an awesome vinyl edition of the Hobbit audio book that Cassie found at a used record store

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It’s always a little bit awkward, but super fun to come up with a drinking game for a novel. Some of my favorite rules we came up with for The Hobbit include:

  • 1:15 – Take a drink whenever you feel like the Dwarves are being big whiners
  • 1:46 – Cassie questions the wisdom of drinking hard alcohol while reading, but Alice begs to differ
  • 2:56 – I suggest taking a drink every time Bilbo slips on his magic ring, but the ladies overrule me and make the rule a shot
  • 7:26 – Andrea starts coming up with a dangerous sounding Smaug drink
  • 9:19 – Alice asks Cassie to make a prediction about what will happen when we actually try to drink the Smaug drink

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Alice did a fantastic job putting together the geek supplies for The Hobbit, but the one thing that just blew my mind was the Hobbit Hole chicken coop. My husband keeps talking about getting some backyard chickens…If I can house them in a little Hobbit house, I’m sold.


I mean seriously, isn’t this just the most adorable thing ever?