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Welcome to Geek [Supplies] where we will happily trade sheep for wood and all kinds of other goodies. The Settles of Catan has been around since 1995 and is wildly popular around the world. As such, there is no lack of Geek [Supplies] to be found to support and show your love for this game — everything from expansion sets to custom game boards to drinkware.



There are four main expansions to The Settlers of Catan. Opinions differ on which is the best. Which is your favorite?

Custom Game Boards


These custom game boards can all be found on etsy. The first one pictured is from SkyLineLasers, the second is by VanGamble, the third can be found at the WhoodWhisperer‘s Shop, and the final one comes from PocketPlastics. I would be happy to play on any of them!

T-shirts from Rebubble


These two were my favorite Catan-themed t-shirts on Rebubble. The shirt on the left is by MeganCobain, and the shirt on the right is my favorite. It was created by BootsBoots. I cannot resist a cute sheep!



With chapter titles like “Settlers of the Nacho Bar” and “Mozzarella Settlement Salad,” who wouldn’t want to own this book? You can also buy plastic hexagonal dishes from Amazon (pictured below).

Hexagonal dishes

 Custom Drinkware


I love these tumblers created by DancesWithMonsters over on etsy. We featured their stuff out in Andrea’s [Geek] Out as well. I think they would work perfectly for playing the E[G]Drinking Game. Keep an eye out for those rules this Friday.

There are lots of other goodies out there including an entire shop of supplies over at the official Catan website. These plushies are for you Cassie.


 Educating [Geeks] podcast for The Settlers of Catan

E[G] Drinking Game rules for  Catan

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